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The face of Kiddy-Calm United Kingdom

I knew my son was going to be my greatest joy and my biggest challenge when he pushed up onto his arms, raised his head and eye - tracked me across the room…He was just two days old.

A wonderful, crazy, challenging mix of being highly observant, easily stimulated and hard to settle - he was sensitive to touch, light and sound. The first 3 months passed in a blur of tears (for both of us). Around 4 months someone close to me suggested trying Kiddy Calm bath salts - and it changed our lives 💛. Within a week my little guy was more regulated, started to settle easier at nights (done were the long hours of crying) and slept better.  I could finally breathe and really begin to enjoy him.

At one he was found to show signs off SPD (Sensory Processing disorder). With a view to better understand my sons’ world I researched and read all I could about SPD. What intrigued me the most was the research that supported the use Magnesium Sulphate to help kids regulate and calm their nervous systems. In fact magnesium is considered “natures tranquilliser” for adults and kids both. Kiddy Calm Bath salts are specially designed to maximise the absorption of Magnesium in the body! It finally made sense why Kiddy Calm had such a profound effect on my son.

A few months later we relocated to the UK - and I travelled with FIVE bags of Kiddy Calm refills to our new home, not about to give up our wonder bag of salts. The real test came when during COVID I could not return home to South Africa and a search for a product of similar calibre yielded no results. I started seeing a difference in my little ones’ behaviour within a week or so and I knew I had to do something. I wanted to reach out and help not only my son but all mothers, fathers and carers whose aim was  to support their little ones.

Thus began my journey to bring Kiddy Calm to the UK market.

My name is Shameema and I’m so glad to be able to offer families living here this product.


Shameema Simjee
Distributor United Kingdom

Where it all began

Having put her daughter through remedial lessons, psychiatric evaluations, medication and various different diets, Theri still needed to find something that would actually work without stressing her daughter out even more... Something that was “invisible” to her daughter but yet had very visible results!

It was suggested to Theri that she bath her daughter in Epsom Salt, as studies have shown that bathing in Magnesium Sulphate seems to benefit children with ADHD and Autism. When Theri bathed her daughter in the salts the results were phenomenal and things very quickly started to improve with Jessey. Until one day, Jessey realized that the salts going into her bath were actually a “medicinal bath” and she refused point blank to bath again...! Things in the house turned back to unbearable. So Theri decided to find a way to disguise the “peas and carrots” - and she managed to turn the salts into a brightly coloured, fun and fragranced BUBBLE BATH! Little did she know that within a few months her home-based recipe would become a sought after product, that she would move her production from her kitchen at home into a commercial factory unit, and that Kiddy-calm would end up a patent protected, trademarked and internationally sought after product having been awarded Winner of both Most Innovative and Most green products in 2013 and Theri was also a FINALIST for 2014 Sanlam & Business Partners – Entrepreneur of the Year.

Theri’s many and varied early life experiences became the basis for her positive attitude, and taught her the skills that would stand her in such a good stead: NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS DREAM, PERSEVERE and you WILL achieve. With that in mind, Theri turned dreams into reality! The year 2012 was given the title of JOURNEY TO SUCCESS, and culminated in the incredibly exciting honour of Theri winning the ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR AWARD 2012 (by the NSBC). The business has documented its phenomenal success throughout the past 11 years through media such as Facebook, moms’ forums and public and corporate workshops and seminars.

Theri Rossouw Founder & Company Director

Theri Rossouw

Founder & Company Director

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