An epic adventure of warm, fuzzy baths

An epic adventure of warm, fuzzy baths

An epic adventure of warm, fuzzy baths

An epic adventure of warm, fuzzy baths


The face of Kiddy-Calm New Zealand

Whenever I was asked, “What do you miss the most about South Africa?” I would always say “those amazing Kiddy-Calm bath salts!” When my daughter was three, Kiddy-Calm found a home in our family. It turned our crazy into calmness, and at five, Claire was diagnosed with ADHD and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).


There was a moment in time when I felt isolated and alone as a parent. I did thousands of google searches trying to learn more about the link between Magnesium Sulphate, ADHD and SPD. Every time I would come back to Theri’s story and find comfort knowing that actually, I’m not alone in this. That there are hundreds if not thousands of parents just like me, trying to find healthy alternatives to make our children’s journey a little easier.


Fast forward seven years, after having tried Ritalin and Concerta with no success. Kiddy-Calm is still a part of our daily lives. Kiddy-Calm has a home in our hearts, and my appreciation for Theri, Jessey, and their experiences created a more profound sense of gratitude.  

Aotearoa, New Zealand, has been our home since 2014, and thanks to Theri, Jessey and Estelle I am sincerely excited and blessed to share Kiddy-Calm with New Zealand. And whenever you feel alone as a parent, here is my message to you. “You are exactly what your child needs; you give them two things that they need. One is roots, and the other is wings. Don’t ever doubt that, not even for a second.”

I am Soney Ehlers and I am excited to be bringing Kiddy-Calm to families across New Zealand!


Soney Ehlers

Distributor New Zealand

Where it all began

Having put her daughter through remedial lessons, psychiatric evaluations, medication and various different diets, Theri still needed to find something that would actually work without stressing her daughter out even more... Something that was “invisible” to her daughter but yet had very visible results!

It was suggested to Theri that she bath her daughter in Epsom Salt, as studies have shown that bathing in Magnesium Sulphate seems to benefit children with ADHD and Autism. When Theri bathed her daughter in the salts the results were phenomenal and things very quickly started to improve with Jessey. Until one day, Jessey realized that the salts going into her bath were actually a “medicinal bath” and she refused point blank to bath again...! Things in the house turned back to unbearable. So Theri decided to find a way to disguise the “peas and carrots” - and she managed to turn the salts into a brightly coloured, fun and fragranced BUBBLE BATH! Little did she know that within a few months her home-based recipe would become a sought after product, that she would move her production from her kitchen at home into a commercial factory unit, and that Kiddy-calm would end up a patent protected, trademarked and internationally sought after product having been awarded Winner of both Most Innovative and Most green products in 2013 and Theri was also a FINALIST for 2014 Sanlam & Business Partners – Entrepreneur of the Year.

Theri’s many and varied early life experiences became the basis for her positive attitude, and taught her the skills that would stand her in such a good stead: NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS DREAM, PERSEVERE and you WILL achieve. With that in mind, Theri turned dreams into reality! The year 2012 was given the title of JOURNEY TO SUCCESS, and culminated in the incredibly exciting honour of Theri winning the ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR AWARD 2012 (by the NSBC). The business has documented its phenomenal success throughout the past 11 years through media such as Facebook, moms’ forums and public and corporate workshops and seminars.

Theri Rossouw Founder & Company Director

Theri Rossouw

Founder & Company Director

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