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Therific Ideas offer two avenues for supplementing your income.

Sign up as a Wholesale Agent or join our team as an Affiliate Marketer.

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As a Therific Ideas Wholesale Agent, you qualify for between 30% and 40% discount off our advertised retail price.  We work on a sliding scale and depending on the size of the order, you earn a higher discount the bigger your order.  There is a minimum required monthly spend of R1855* in order to remain active and qualify for sliding scale wholesale discount pricing.

Wholesale agents may sell direct to friends and family, market and sell through social media, sell through their own online store or their own retail store and will be expected to promote sales and increase their volumes as time passes.

Enrolling as a wholesale agent is only for individuals who plan to promote the product and resell for a profit and ensure an average monthly spend of R1855 at any given period.

Individuals can enroll online, immediately place their first order and start selling.  No approvals or delays.  Simply sign up and start selling.

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As a Therific Ideas  Affiliate Marketer, you will receive a unique coupon code that can be promoted across all social media platforms.  When a customer visits our online store and uses the coupon code, they will receive a 10% discount and FREE delivery on their order.  You as the affiliate marketer will earn a 10% commission from the order total.  The more you share and encourage the use of the coupon code, the more you earn.

Affiliate markers are not required to purchase stock up front.  This means there is no captial outlay for stock.  You do not need to pay courier fees and you do not need to carry stock.  We manage all that for you.  

Affiliate marketers can promote all over social media, through network marketing, direct selling and even through their online stores.  This means you are not limited to who you can promote to and where your customer base is, you can potentially earn from all over the country.

Although anyone can apply to be an affiliate marketer, influencers and social media active people will benefit most.

Affiliate marketing is considered hassle free earning when all you have to do is promote and share your unique coupon code.

Please complete the AFFILIATE MARKETING FORM to see if you qualify.  Successful candiates will receive a response within 24 hours.

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