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As a Therific Ideas agent, you qualify for between 30% and 45% discount off our advertised retail price. 

We work on a sliding scale and depending on the size of the order, you earn a bigger discount per order.

There is a minimum required monthly spend of R1505 in order to remain active and qualify for discount.

Agents are expected to promote sales and increase their volumes as time passes.

Enrolling as an agent is only for individuals who plan to promote the product and resell for a profit.

Individuals can enroll on our standard wholesale / sliding scale terms.

If you are a retail store with a physical location open to the public, we offer a preferential sliding scale rate.

Please complete the enrolment process to find out more!

To enrol as an agent, please complete the below form!

Manufactured in South Africa:    +27 84 483 2225