Magnesium Sulphate baths during a drought: Tap into the benefits without tapping out scarce supplies

When Magnesium Sulphate (the main ingredient in Therific Naturals’™ products) is absorbed into the body, it holds many health benefits for both adults and children. However, for these marvelouse minerals to work their magic, one needs to soak in a bath with it to ensure it is sufficiently absorbed by the skin.

Unfortunately, the reality of the ongoing drought has rendered bathing a luxury in many households across the country. So, is it possible to get those hyperactive darlings to settle down and sleep well (probably one of the most beneficial qualities of the Kiddy-Calm™ range – especially for parents with little ones affected by ADHD) without losing too much personal sleep over wasting precious resources?

While nobody can allow water restrictions to be like water off a duck’s back and we all need to do our best to save up our cities’ supplies for a rainy day… or rather a droughty day, we may not need to take a rain check on bathing! We simply need to be water wise while we wash.

Water down your bath

Start by simply using less water for bathing. Do not fill the tub as lavishly as you normally would. To help with this, consider using the nifty BabyDam (available through Therific Naturals™ agents) to make your bath smaller or bathing kids in a big basin (something many kids get super excited about).

And why not make bathing family time!? When the whole family gets cleaned by one bath of water, you are not being wasteful. So, bath together or shortly after one another. If the water has cooled down by the time mom gets her turn to rub-a-dub-dub, just top the bath up with some boiling water from a kettle (when you top up with tap water, it will first let in cold water, resulting in added wastage).

Don't let go of the H2O

Bathing only wastes water if the water goes to waste, so don't waste it – reuse it! Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, why not keep both?!

Recycle bathwater to:

- flush the toilet

- wash clothes

- bath pets

- water the garden or pot plants.

There are numerous forums with more clever ideas on how you can use grey water around your home to reduce water consumption. Find the tricks that suit your household. We also suggest you join the Water Shedding Western Cape facebook group to stay up to date with dam levels, imposed water restrictions and water saving tips and advice.

Not just any bathwater...

We know, the problem with storing bathwater for other uses can be, well... gross! It can quickly turn smelly. Luckily, a Magnesium Sulphate solution in your bath is also the solution to that problem! It acts as a disinfectant, which means bathwater with Therific Natural™ products in it will be cleaner and less prone to become stinky - especially with the added fragrances masking foul smells. These antiseptic and aromatic properties will also make it more pleasant for family members to bath in the same water.

Furthermore, did you know that magnesium Sulphate is actually good for plants? Gardeners use it to improve crops. So, you will actually be doing your garden a favour to baptize it in your bathwater!

Thus, although water should always be used responsibly, especially in a time of scarcity, it may not be necessary to close the tap on Magnesium Sulphate baths completely if we use a little (grey) water wisdom.

Therific Naturals™ manufactures and distributes an award winning range of Magnesium Sulphate Bubble and Bubble Free Bath Salts. Their products are available through an extensive network of independent agents and privately owned stores. Their products are manufactured by hand using the finest ingredients and are patent protected under the South African Patent Protection Act.

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