Tantrums: ever tried putting a plug in it…?

Everyone knows the “terrible two’s”, when kids develop their independence and start to voice it! Most of us know that it’s all normal behaviour when kids are still developing speech and learning new words. Why? Because they have a limited vocabulary, and when they can’t find the words they need to express themselves, they are likely to get upset. Sometimes they get even more upset because we get frustrated, since we don’t understand what they are trying to say!

But what happens when kids turn 3, 4 or 5, or even older, and yet STILL throw temper tantrums? Is the excuse still an under-developed vocabulary? Is it considered bad behaviour or poor upbringing in the home, or do we blame the friends we allow our kids to play with?

Although any combination of the above factors could be partially applicable, there is probably a totally different reason for tantrums in older kids: something that is so indicative of modern-day diets, (Enzymesandstuff.com & health.harvard.edu), and yet so simple to treat!

The Role of Magnesium

Magnesium is a vital mineral that our bodies require to function normally. When we are deficient in magnesium, everything else seems to take a tumble!

Various studies, kidspot.com, have in fact shown that many modern-day ailments, which include aggression, depression, attention-deficit (ADD / ADHD), poor memory, poor speech development and tantrums have all been linked to a magnesium deficiency, which usually also points to calcium and omega deficiencies. .

Another reason why magnesium is linked to relief for depression and aggression is that it stimulates the “happy hormone” called serotonin!

No or low magnesium = no smile