WATER - the essence of life!

How many times have we taken this life-giving resource for granted?

Have you ever thought of opening your kitchen or bathroom tap and wondered if the water will come streaming out?

With our head office in Cape Town, this has become a reality to our daily lives. Wondering when will we reach day ZERO – the day we open our taps and then nothing comes out …..

As a community (The Western Cape), we came to learn the importance of preserving water on a daily basis, it has become part of our daily routines and conversations.


Therific Naturals has taken measures to help save water by bringing BABYDAM to South Africa.

This cool tool helps you to save water by creating your child’s own little dam inside your bath tub. How much fun can that be! You now use only a small percentage of the water you would to fill a normal tub and your child gets to enjoy a slightly deeper and warmer bath while still saving water.

"To encourage South Africans to save water, we at BabyDam South Africa are marketing and selling the BabyDams at between 11% and 20% below internatinoal recommended retail. We all need to do our part to conserve our precious resouce and this is how we can help even more!" - Theri Rossouw - Official Importer and Distributor for SA.

Our latest effort to educate our children was the launch of our new Kids Club – Kids who Care.

We have taken the time to create activity boxes that are available to purchase every 3 months for the next year. Each box will focus on a different theme relating to different aspects of nature, life and becoming a better version of you.

Inside these boxes kids will find their favourite Therific Naturals bath salts along with fun, creative and educational activities, gifts, surprises and so much more.

Follow this link to read more about this exciting project and how to become part of this exclusive club. Kids Club – Kids who Care

Keep in mind, the cut-off date to purchase the July box or to subscribe to the annual club, is 31 July 2018.


  1. Limit your shower time and switch off when lathering.

  2. Switch the water off while brushing your teeth.

  3. Only wash dirty plates when necessary and try use the same mug or glass throughout the day.

  4. Find and fix any leaks.

  5. Water your garden when the sun is down.

  6. Water your plants with recycled water from your bath or shower.

  7. Use grey water to flush toilets.

So, by appreciating water and saving as much as we can, we are able to do our part to make sure that tomorrow when we open our bathroom tap to brush our teeth, this beautiful, clean, precious liquid will still be flowing freely.

Become a Therific Water Saving Ambassador TODAY!


Did you know that 72% of the earth is covered in water.

Humans cant survive more than 3 days without consuming liquids.

To stay on top of our water crisis and learn valuable tips on how to save water, we suggest you join this Facebook group – WATERSHEDDING WESTERN CAPE.





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