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Your new baby Is here - now what?

Being a mom is life changing and the best and most rewarding job you’ll ever have. Becoming a mom is indescribable and something you need to experience to understand!

The birth process

Did it all go according to your plan? Perhaps it did, perhaps not. Either way you are now a new mommy, well done! Whether it’s your first baby, second baby or even third or fourth, from here on out life as you know it, is going to change forever. Bringing your new baby home will be the best and at the same time the most exhausting, experience ever.

Each birthing story is unique, special and personal. don’t beat yourself up if it did not go exactly the way you planned. Most of parenting through life goes unplanned and you need to learn to adapt and change all the time. The most important thing to remember is, you are strong and you are your baby’s everything. If you want to share your story with everyone, then do so, be proud of what you have accomplished – no matter how it happened.

The hormones

Let’s face it, giving birth is no walk in the park. Your body goes through major changes, you have an influx of hormones, a new little bundle of love that requires your attention 24/7 (well at least for the first few days) and not to mention all the emotions you have to deal with.

Remember to take it one day at a time. No one can love your baby like you can. Try sleep when your baby is sleeping, rather than trying to catch up on chores. Its ok to have an untidy house the first few weeks, we have all been there and we all understand! While remembering this, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It does not mean that you love your baby any less. When you feel like those hormones are getting the best of you, take some time out for yourself.


Remember: A Happy mommy = Happy baby = Happy home!

We have some great tips at the end of this blog on how to be a happy mom!

Sleep deprivation

Yes, the struggle is real. At some point your baby will refuse to sleep, drink, or settle. The sooner you accept this, the better. And yes, it is normal. Your little love-bug was snuggled deep inside your womb all cosy and warm. Being part of the real world is a huge adjustment. Give them some time to get used to it. Keep them close to you, do lots of skin to skin contact and even just talk or hum to yourself while your baby is sleeping. Hearing your voice in the background will sooth your baby. When you are awake during the midnight hours and you feel all alone and tired, keep in mind that you are just one of so many mommies that are also walking up and down their room at the exact same time as you, also waiting for their baby to finally fall asleep. Don’t give up, just smile and know that you are exactly what your baby needs. The smell of your skin and the comfort of your arms wrapped around them, that is their safe place and where they want to be!

Having a new baby in the house is a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. Love your baby unconditionally, but don’t forget to look after yourself too. Eat healthy foods, drinks lots of fluids and get some feet-up time and lots of rest.

Take that Mai-Thaim bath. Let hubby or grandma look after baby, giving them the opportunity to bond with baby while you enjoy some time to yourself. Go out shopping or enjoy a cup of "hot" coffee (whats that?) while you read a few pages from your book that has been gathering dust on your night stand.

Here are some Happy Mommy tips:

1: Sleep when your baby sleeps. Its the only time you are guaranteed switch off and actually sleep. 2: Don’t always bath baby alone in their baby bath, why not run a warm, deep bath with a few scoops of Pure-Thaim bath salts and let baby bath with you. The deep warm water and the calming experience of skin-to-skin while in the water will help calm and sooth your baby. The salts will not only help you restore your magnesium levels but will also help baby with colic issues. 3: Magnesium is vital for the production of Serotonin, which is your happy hormone. So bath as often as you can in either Mai-Thaim or Pure-Thaim to get your happy fix of happy hormones. 4: Don’t have a bath? Then try our Daiquiri Foot Treatment. It’s a great way to sooth tired feet, replenish your Magnesium and have some “time-out” while feeding. 5: Being a mom at home can be quite a challenge on your budget, you could always think about enrolling to be a Therific Agent and earn an extra income while promoting our great products to other new moms. Remember, now that you are a new mommy, you will be connecting with lots of other mommies that you have met at ante-natal classes, or in hospital or even at your Moms and Tots groups. So share the benefits and earn some extra cash.

We would love to meet you. Durban Mama’s you can come visit us at the Mama Magic Expo. Stock up on your favourite Therific Naturals products and maybe some diapers too. Take some time out for yourself – you deserve it!

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