Sharing is Caring

Teaching our kids to spend time with one another is so important, something that we often forget to do.

Giving back to our community is very important – investing time and love in each other is something the world is lacking.

You don’t have to give hours of your time, only a little bit will go a long way. And doing it often will make the world of difference to those in need.

Remember: SMILE and the world smiles with you.

In celebration of our Kids Club theme for this month, here are some ideas that we would like to share with you.

~ Why not visit the paediatric ward at your local hospital. There are lots of sick children that can do with some company. Take one of your favourite books with you and go read to them or take a snack and cup of coffee for a mom that has been spending hours, if not days next to her sick child’s bed.

~ Visit an elderly neighbour. If you know of someone in your neighbourhood that can do with some cheering-up, go visit them. Take a batch of freshly baked cookies or cupcakes and enjoy a cup of tea with them. Tell them about your day or ask them what they used to do for a living. You will be surprised to hear what stories they have to share.

~ Next time you are at the shops, buy an extra loaf of bread, a little bit of cold meat or even a tin of jam or marmite and give it to the first homeless family you can find. This gesture of giving food to them will help a struggling mom or dad have one less night to worry about feeding his or her family. Or, why not take the bread home, make some sandwhiches, wrap them individually and hand our single sandwhiches to those begging at the robots you stop at.

~ Pack an extra sandwich in your kids’ lunch box and let them give it to one of their friends at school who either forgot to bring lunch or who is less privileged.

~ We all declutter every now and then. Ask your kids to pack all their old clothes and toys that they don’t play with anymore in a box and donate it to your local children’s home. Take your kids with when you visit the home so they can understand where their unwanted items go. This activity will help them to appreciate more of what they have.

It is our responsibility to teach and mould our children into tomorrow’s future.

Let’s help them appreciate each other more by spending more time with one another and by giving back to those around us.

Take advantage of our Valentines Specials. We have included fabric printed gift bags that your kids can colour in using koki's, bake the cookies in the recipe provided, fill the bag and give as a gift.

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