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Dealing with your workout injury - all the do's and dont's

Have you ever suffered from an injury while doing some exercise? It can happen to anyone and so easily if you are not careful. Even going for a walk can cause an injury.

If your injury is not as serious then it can heal on its own within 4 weeks or less. However, if your injury has not shown some sort of improvement, or if it gets worse, it's best to seek medical advice and care.

Here are some DONT'S when you have an injury:

Take your time to heal – don't rush back too quickly. While you are taking a break from your exercise routine you will find that you lose some of your strength, coordination and flexibility.

Start with small goals while trying out easy stretching and strength training, like Pilates or Yoga.

Listen to your body – don't ignore any pain. Before loading your injury make sure you have no pain and can handle full range of motion.

Once you have noticed improvement, get back to what you enjoy and love. Don't let your injury keep you from trying again.

How to avoid an injury while getting fit?

It is important to start with a good warm-up session and to end off with a cool-down.

This will help your body to gradually increase your heart rate and warm up muscles and joints.

A cool-down session usually assist your body to bring your heart rate down to normal levels. Try doing an easy stroll after your workout – 5 to 10 minutes should be enough.

Doing proper stretching before and after your workout will help increase flexibility.

A natural remedy to help with sore and overworked muscles are magnesium sulpate. Taking a bath in our range of bath salts will help and increase the recovering period. Taking the time to heal will help you get back into your routine sooner.

Our Magsul bath salts are specifically recommended for sports enthusiasts, active and contact sports as well as endurance sports athletes

Benefits include: speeds up muscle recovery, is a natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, stimulates vasodilatation and reduces stress.

A good 20min soak will allow your body to absorb all the magnesium sulphate it needs. Magnesium is known to help with inflammation and muscle spasms. Inflammation can be easily treated with increased Magnesium levels and the risk of injury can be reduced by maintained Magnesium levels.

Keeping fit and healthy is very important, but most off all you need to take care of yourself and not overdo things. Listen to your body while pushing your limits, safely.

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