Does my baby have sensitive skin?

How do you know if your baby has sensitive skin? Or is it normal for a newborn baby?

Babies are naturally born with skin that is more sensitive than toddlers, older children and adults.

This makes it harder for new parents to distinguish between the difference of what is normal and what is more sensitive.

Heat rashes and dry skin, for example, aren’t necessarily signs of sensitive baby skin as this is very normal for newborn babies.

If your baby gets recurrent rashes and dry skin, you may need to take extra precautions to keep their delicate skin healthy. Babes with sensitive skin can be irritated by certain soaps, lotions, detergents and temperature changes. If your baby’s skin reacts to any of these, they likely have sensitive skin.

How to avoid skin irritations in newborn babies

- Your baby’s bath water should be between 36°-37°C

- After the bath pat the skin dry rather than rubbing as rough drying can aggravate sensitive skin

- Dress your baby in natural fabrics like cotton and linen, which allow the skin to breathe more easily

- Look for laundry products that have been specially designed for use on babies clothes and linen

Eczema in newborn babies

Eczema, a skin condition that can af