How to create a good bedtime routine for my child

At some point all moms struggle to get her kids to sleep at bedtime. Whether it is due to teething, a growth spurt, summer nights or just for no reason at all.

It is always best to stick to your bedtime routine, try and keep it the same every night so they know what's happening and that it is time for bed.

Here are some ideas that might help you to get your little one in a bedtime routine or to adjust is slightly so there is less fights and more cuddles.

Bedtime routines are a predictable sequence of events that you consistently follow in the same order every night. It helps children feel more secure, comfortable, and calm as they prepare for bed. Consistent routines can also lead to a better night’s sleep.

Figure out what works for YOUR family

Find a routine that works for your family. It is best to work out your routine and share it with the whole family so that there is unity in the house. It is important that this routine is followed every night, including weekends.

Identify sleep problems

Look out for signs that are usually associated with medical sleep issues such as snoring, breathing problems etc. If you are unsure, please consult your GP or pediatrician.

Find your rhythm

Decide beforehand how you want your evening routine to unfold. Will you have dinner first then bath time followed by playtime before cuddling in bed and reading a story. Or will you let the kids have some free play while you cook dinner, then bath time followed by dinner then to bed straight away.

Find what works best for you and your kids and stick to it.

Bath time

We have tried our best to ease this part of your routine and to help your little one relax after a very busy and playful day.

By adding our bath products to your kids daily bath will help improve there sleep patterns by relaxing them, ease any sore muscles or growing pains. Magnesium Sulphate bubble bath salt will make bath time fun by adding colour and bubbles to the bath. It will add all the very popular benefits and help settle your little one for bed time.

Pajamas and room temperatures

Make sure your kids are dressed so they are comfortable and not too hot or too cold. Where possible set the room temperature at a moderate temperature, according to season.

One more thing

We have heard it all....those last minute requests before they fall asleep..."I need more water", "I need to go to the toilet", "I need one more cuddle".

Do your best to make these requests part of the bedtime routine. And let your child know that once they are in bed, they have to stay in bed. If they get up, don't react, simply take them by the hand and walk them back to bed. If you argue or give in to requests, you’re giving them the extra attention and delayed bedtime, this is exactly what they want.

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