How to help your body absorb important vitamins & nutrients

Especially during winter, we load our bodies with extra vitamins & nutrients to keep unwanted viruses and bacteria as far away from our immune system.

But how do we know that it gets absorbed and protect us against getting sick?

Our small intestine absorbs most of the nutrients that comes from our food. For this process to work at optimal levels, we need to make sure that our digestive system is healthy and well looked after.

There is a lot of factors that can stop our body’s digestive system to work at its best. This includes health issues such as IBS, coeliac disease etc. The most common problem is regular intake of processed foods and a high sugar diet.

Processed food is very high in sugar and doesn’t contain much nutrients. High sugar diets prevent our body from absorbing nutrients, especially magnesium.

When our stress levels are high, which is very common these days, our body requires more nutrients, especially Vitamin C, the B Vitamins and magnesium. When the levels of these nutrients are depleted, we often find ourselves feeling more irritable and suffering from fatigue.

Here are a few tips on how to increase nutrients in our daily diet and how to maintain a healthy gut.


Include a variety of colourful food in your meals, this way you know that it contains a combination of nutrients in one meal.


Try to combine foods that are rich in Vitamin C with foods that are rich in Iron. Vitamin C is known to help with the absorption of Iron.