My fussy eater – no more!

Having a toddler at home who is a fussy eater can be very exhausting. Today they might love the spaghetti you made and tomorrow they will insist that they don’t like tomato or don’t eat pasta. It is a constant battle.

Trying to get your fussy eater to experience new tastes and textures is difficult, but it is possible.

Fussy eating is part of children’s development. It’s a way of exploring their environment and asserting their independence. And it’s also because their appetites go up and down depending on how much they’re growing and how active they are.

The good news is that children are likely to get less fussy as they get older. One day your child will probably eat and enjoy a whole range of different foods.

Here are a few tips to help you get through dinner time, peacefully.

~ Make mealtimes happy, regular and social occasions.

~ If your child is fussing about food, ignore it as much as you can

~ Make healthy foods fun – for example, cut sandwiches into interesting shapes, or let your child help prepare a salad or whisk eggs for an omelette.

~ Turn the TV off so your family members can talk to each other instead.

~ Don’t give up!

Our current situation during lock down allows plenty of time to spend in the kitchen and with our kids. Why not envolve them more in the preparation of your meals? If they see how it ends up on their plate it might help them get more interested in each meal.

Remember, no one likes everything. It is expected and normal that your child will not like 100% of the things you serve up.

Your child’s eating habits won’t change overnight, but the small steps you take each day can help promote a lifetime of healthy eating.

So, go ahead and have some fun with your very next family meal. Try taking turns telling a story at tonight’s dinner table, or put a little effort into presenting your child’s breakfast tomorrow morning.

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