What type of Mom are you?

Becoming a mother will be one of the best and most challenging experiences in your life. You will go through so many highs and lows that you will never be able to keep track of. You will be the kind of tired that you have never experienced before and yet you will feel the type of love and happiness that you have never known is possible.

All moms experience some form of insecurity from time to time. We all know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other moms. However, we also know we all do it and it can sometimes even serve a useful purpose. Who among us hasn’t wanted to be a little more like that mom and a little less like that mom?

Let’s face it, we can all learn from each other so why not give that compliment when its due. You might even give a little inspiration to another mom without even knowing it.

Have you ever thought what type of mom you are? Here are a few “mom types” – let us know if you are one of them!

1. The By-the-Book Mom

This mom loves to read and listen to advise given by “experts”. She is also the type of mom who believes in routine and making lists. Usually it’s a first-time-mom who maybe doesn’t have the actual experience yet of having little one’s around. This mom is your go-to when you are stuck in a situation of perhaps not knowing where to start when attempting potty-training or which method to follow when sleep training your baby.

2. The Sacrificing Mom

The self-sacrificing mom is the one friend who is always over-tired from trying to do everything herself. Sacrificing her own time, own basic needs and always putting her family first. I think we all have a little bit of this mom in us. Having this mom around will help if you need someone to help look after your kid in an emergency because she will do her best to help you out.

3. The Easy-Going Mom

Having this mom around will help you to CALM DOWN. She will remind you that your baby is not made of glass and they will be okay, even if you attempt to take some time for self-care and putting your needs first for a change. The easy-going mom will not be phased by the little things, she will take any situation in her stride and handle it with ease.

4. The No-Guilt Mom

Going to the shops alone or having a cup of coffee with her bestie is just as important as raising her kids. This mom is the one who will make time for herself, her friends and her home. This doesn’t mean that her kids aren’t as important. She is just able to find that balance early on and she knows how to find the time to go for that pedicure or reading the book that was accumulating dust on your bedside table. Having this mom-friend in your circle will help you realize that you are allowed to have some time to yourself.

Once you have figured out what type of mom you are, remember that we are all in this together. Let’s help one another where we can without judgement but only with love.

Take some time for yourself. Enjoy a well-deserved bubble bath with some added Mai-Thaim bath salts and use the time to recharge. Book some time with a friend and treat yourselves with a home-spa treatment using our jelly foot treatments. You are important, remember to also take care of yourself!

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