When & how to give your child space.

While we are in the theme of space this month, why don’t we chat about creating space for your child.

When is it a good idea and how much space is enough?

Kids of all ages can benefit from a space that they know belongs to them. Whether it is space to play, read or just relax.

Toddlers will be happy in a space as simple as a play corner somewhere in your living room, a spot in the garden where they can get dirty or a special corner in the kitchen where they can get messy while you prepare meals.

Bigger kids might have different needs. When they show signs that they are ready for the next step you can sit and chat about their wants and need and create a space for them together. Keeping in mind that there are rules for their newly found independence and that these new boundaries must be set by the parents.

Why do they need space of their own?

Giving your child their own space will help them understand that they now have a responsibility and that they need to keep their space in an order that is agreed by both the child and parents. This will eventually become a space where they can be themselves, listen to their inner voice and learn how to be happy by themselves.

As they get older and change into different stages of life, they will find comfort knowing that they have a unique space that they can call their own.

How do they benefit from more space?

Here are some reasons why it is beneficial for your child to have their own space:

  • When they get angry or sad, they have somewhere to go where they are safe while processing their emotions. When they are ready, they will come to you to talk about it.

  • Your child can learn how to make their own decisions. For example, every now and then let them go to their room and allow them to choose their own outfit for the day.

  • This will allow them to become more independent. Let them do their own bed, no matter how messy it might still look.

  • For bigger kids you can let them be responsible for their own bedtime routine. Allow them to run their own bath, even let them add their own choice of bubble bath salts. Close the bathroom door and let them know that they now have privacy to do their own thing. This will demonstrate trust and at the same time give them an opportunity to feel accomplished.

The Link Between Privacy and Trust

As our kids get older, they want to be trusted to do more things than they did were when they were younger..

A little bit of space and privacy can work wonders for their development, not only do they feel trusted, but they also feel capable and confident..

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