Why every mom should take CARE of HERSELF

Being a mom under "normal" circumstances can be challenging, not even to mention during our current situation.

Now there is even more reason to take care of yourself, first. You need to be in a healthy state of mind before you can take care of others. There is a reason why they always say on an airplane...first put on your own oxygen mask before you help others... And the next saying is also very true... Happy Wife...Happy Life...

Why self-care is so important?

If you feel guilty about self-care, know this, taking care of yourself isn't a luxury, it's an essential part of being a good mom.

Here are a few ideas of how you can take care of yourself and fill your emotional cup so you have enough to share with others.

1. Take a walk around the block.

2. Write in your journal.

3. Sketch something you love or pick up a coloring book.

4. Relax in a hot bath or plan a spa treatment.

5. Go for an outing and visit a local landmark for the first time.

6. Up your cooking skills by trying a new and different recipe.

7. Sing along to your favorite music or dance in your living room.

Maintaining the basic day-to-day with no extraordinary circumstances, keeping all those balls in the air, is a really demanding endeavor, and it leaves very little time for moms to be able to have fun, relax, rest and have downtime.

Being ready for your children all the time can cause burnout and make things that could be everyday treasures feel like exhausting chores. That’s why it’s important that all parents start taking real, regular days off. This could mean asking a spouse to take the day off from an office job and be with the kids, or asking a family member to cover you for a day. Maybe it involves hiring a sitter.

To feel even better about this new practice, remember that it’s not only about enjoying activities you used to like before having kids, it’s also about regrouping on a higher level.

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