Why Should my child bath in Kiddy-Calm?

Have you heard your friends talk about our amazing best seller, Kiddy-Calm? Did they tell you how this product has changed their lives? Yet, you are thinking....how on earth can a bubble bath make such a huge difference?

Well, let me tell you...Kiddy-Calm CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!!

BENEFITS for toddlers & children
  • Lots of "fast foods", quick meals and sweet snacks doesn't have enough Magnesium. The low levels of Magnesium may result in prolonged discomfort of sore & tired muscles from after school activities such as sport etc. This discomfort may cause kids to sleep restless at night or suffer from headaches.

  • Increased levels of Magnesium may also help with sport or play injuries as it is known to be a natural anti-inflammatory.

  • Many children that are diagnosed ADHD / Autistic have been shown to have poor digestive systems which reduces the absorption of many vital elements they require for proper brain and body function. Increased Magnesium assists with enzyme function allowing their bodies to better process the good foods they eat.

  • The first sign of ADD / ADHD by the teacher, results in the instruction to the parent to put their kids onto “Brain foods” such as Omega tablets. This is all good and well and a definite must in our day and age of poor diets, however, our bodies require Magnesium in order to absorb sufficient levels of Omega’s.

  • Magnesium Sulphate has a calming effect on our bodies. This can help to improve your kids sleep patterns.

Summary of Benefits of Magnesium:

  • In general Magnesium helps for good brain development

  • Reduces hyper-activity

  • Improves sleep patterns

Hyperactivity is reduced, concentration is improved and memory increases. Sleep patterns lengthen and are seen to be more of a deep sleep with less restlessness.

Why use Therific Naturals Bath salts instead of plain Magnesium Sulphate?

It’s simple…. Kids perceive plain Magnesium Sulphate to be a “medicine bath”. Providing bubbles and colour and fragrance turns it into a BUBBLE BATH – with benefits!

In addition to this, Magnesium Sulphate can be very drying on the skin. Adding baby oil to the bath can make it slippery and dangerous, leaves a dirt ring and hair can’t be washed. The SLS and ingredients in our salts help to soften the water and therefore the need for oils and creams after the bath is not necessary.

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